A simple but amazing late rain coat.
It has an easy cut and goes till the calf. With a belt you can point the waist.
You can choose between a movabel hood an a 10 cm wide belt in 0.8mm.
The hood has press buttons. The big collar is hidden them.
The latex rain coat can be closed by 6 plastic buttons with a diameter of 28 mm.
There`s no pockets. You also can by the rain hat.

black, size XS - XXL ( made to measure not required )
With hood and belt in 0.6 mm for 690 Euro / 0.4 mm 530 Euro 
With hood without belt in 0.6 mm for 610 Euro / 0.4 mm 450 Euro
Without hood without belt in 0.6 mm for 540 Euro / 0.4 mm 380 Euro






This latex rain coat is a must for every latex rain coat lover.
Ankle length, with asymmetrical buttons and a very high collar, witch reach to the nose.
The buttons have a diameter of 25 mm.
You also can use the collar in reverse position.
Both pocket flaps have a 25 mm diameter button.
A 10 cm wide latex belt makes this coat model to a real highlight.
You can choose the color and tickness from a very big offer.
The latex rain hat is a separate item.


black, size XS- XXL ( made to measure not required ), 0.4 mm for 630 Euro / 0.6 mm for 846 Euro

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