This is a very special latex outfit.
For the latex lover a real must have.
It`s in 3 pieces.
A face veil, a a head veil and you can choose between a long latex dress or a latex coat.
The latex dress has a wide collar, so you put it easy over your head.
You can buy a single piece, or all three togehter.
You can choose the color and thickness from a very big offer.

Please note:
This outfit looks not really good in 0.6 mm. But if you like it you can order it.

Black, Size XS - XXL    
0.4 mm for 605 Euro/  ( Face veil 88 Euro, head veil 132 Euro, latex dress 385 Euro oder latex coat )
0.4 mm for 470 Sfr/ ( Face veil 70 Sfr, head veil 110 Sfr, latex dress 310 Sfr oder latex coat )

Manufacturing and shipping: