A latex burka who is very comfortable to wear.
It `s in two pieces.
A headgear with perforated eyes and a latex dress under it.
The latex dress has a wide collar, so you can put it easy over you head.
The headgear is in 0.4 mm, the head part in 0.8 mm.
More then 0.4 mm would be too heavy, because the whole weight is on your head.
You can buy single pieces, or the set.
You can choose the color and thickness from a very big offer.


Black, Size XS - XXL
0.4 mm for 660 Euro ( Headgear 275 Euro, latex dress 385 Euro )
0.4 mm for 530 Sfr ( Headgear 220 Sfr, latex dress 310 Sfr )


Manufacturing and shipping: