My name is Leila. I am a transvestite, latex designer and fetish model.
I have a strong attraction towards latex and I am always looking for unique things. I love to experiment and I have a profound philosophy.
My latex creations are completely unconventional.
I mix extravagance, sophistication, elegance and sensuality into an unique style. But I also have a thing for roughness and shapelessness.
Buttons that are sewn on are very important to me. I hardly use press buttons in my latex creations.
The colour, shape and size of the buttons have to fit my creations perfectly.
To achieve this, I put a lot of effort in finding exactly what I imagined.

I also like to use buttons as ornaments.
It is very important to me, that every little detail fits just right.
I prefer to use latex with at least 0.6mm thickness or more.

Furthermore, I create accessory like latex hats and headscarfs to match my latex designs.


The latex creations are manufactured to fit my size. A make-up artist styles me and a professional photographer is in charge of taking pictures of me wearing every latex dress.

I design latex coats, latex OP coats, latex rainwear, latex skirts, latex blouses, latex suits and costumes, latex mini dresses, latex nurse uniformes, latex maid costumes, latex nun habits, latex smocks, latex aprons and latex uniforms.

Every latex creation is a customized copy made by hand by Rubberik in an extensive and dedicated manner to fit your measures perfectly.
You also can order my latex outfits in standart sizes.     

Naturally we can make some modifications of the designs for you.

My latex creations are base-models. They are designed to fit my needs.

You can choose from a variety of color and your preferred latex thickness, as well as from structured and printed latex.
If you desire so, we can have your latex garment with a chlorinated finish.
For Details you can contact Erik directely: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please note: Rubberik understands english, too, but their website is just in german.

The prices are now in Euro and Sfr.

You can order from abroad in Switzerland. We ship from Germany.

The prices in Euro have been increased by 10% on March 17th 2022.
The prices in Sfr are 20% lower because the VAT of Austria is omitted.

I wish you a lot of fun browsing through my latex creations.

Yours truly

Manufacturing and shipping: